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lamiae13's Journal

13 December
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If I don't know you, I can't honestly like or dislike you off the bat - so don't feel special. I try to give people a chance even when my instincts tell me 'not even with a ten-foot-whatever'; and I trust my instincts like nothing else. Stay out of my personal-space bubble (this includes hugs, back rubs, poking, etc) until you don't need to ask yourself if I'm gonna want to cringe from it. It usually takes people a while to figure out when they've reached that point. I don't want to be treated special, I don't think I am special. I don't need to be liked, I'm not trying to be disliked. I just work kinda weird. I tell people how it is if I'm asked, and after a few drinks I usually end up telling them anyway. I do not lie. I hate dishonesty. I doubly hate back-stabbers and two-faced biatches, but i have no problem taking Karma into my own hands (even though I know I'll still get it back [it just feels so good at the time]), so if you've been there with me, expect to be treated the same. ....

Pretty negative bio eh? Jus'to sum-up :

"I'm really not that bad once you get to know me."

"You call it 'attitude', I call it 'not kissing your ass'."

"I'm not a bitch, I'm just Shy.... so fuck off!"

"I'd rather be considered a bitch than known as a back-stabber."