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half-assed attempt at an entry

Went to see Lucks last night at Circle Bar. I had never been there. It's small, quaint. I like the courtyard. It's even air conditioned inside; though with the amount of people that turned out, it was still getting pretty warm. Lucks were pretty good! Great energy. I had fun. The first band was late going on by about an hour, and Lucks got pushed to going on last, so it wasn't all said and done til about 1:30. I had arrived at 9:45. I did get a lot of reading done though! House of Leaves is finally done. Comparatively, I have been flying through Hocus, Pocus, K. Vonnegut.
What have we been doing these days? Being disgustingly happy. We are still settling into the new place. Still shopping for furniture and unpacking stuff because there was just nothing to store it all in. Two more pieces coming today, though, so hopefully the the rest of the cardboard (except the MREs) will be gone soon. Been cooking a lot in the *real* kitchen(!), playing games, watching movies...
We finally made it out to the zoo. We didn't get there 'til after noon though, so we missed a lot and will be going back. We didn't get to see many of the animals actually walking around because of the heat or they were behind walls getting fed. It was like playing Where's Waldo but with furry things. But we had fun. I am easily amused with cute things. I liked pointing out the rabbits that weren't actually part of the zoo but were everywhere. And feeding the ducks (but mostly fish and turtles) took half an hour at least. There were jack asses too - not the animals, unfortunately. Some hick thought it was great waving bunches of leaves he had ripped off the bush to the giraffes to get them to come over. Poor things were being tortured because, of course, there was no way they could reach it. I had to walk away 'lest I shove those leaves somewhere the giraffes couldn't see it anymore.
Once we get more settled in, table assembled, (dead)things on the walls, there will be invites for dinners! Can't really have loud parties here, though. There's around 60 apartments here - too many people to piss off and we don't want to have to move for a while. And there is a pool...
We have most day times off, work mostly nights. Give us a ring if you want to hang out, do lunch, watch a movie... No game system here yet, but we are thinking about it. :)
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